KingNYC Adept Windbreaker

Image of KingNYC Adept Windbreaker

The meaning of the word “adept,” is a person who is skilled or proficient at something. It is derived from the Latin word, adeptus.

In hermeticism, adept has always been used to describe an expert in the science of alchemy in which the meaning of adept signifies one “who is an initiate in secret knowledge and has power over the elements.

Alchemy is the science of the chemical energies and elements that make up our universe and the human body. The holy marriage of heaven and earth.

Hence, the alchemical quotes, AS ABOVE, SO BELOW – AS WITHIN, SO WITHOUT

A true adept is an expert on the hidden knowledge of human affairs, and the chemical life forces that govern all life on earth. They seek to master these energies in themselves and the environments which they live, in order to serve humanity.

Reversed G logo in chest
Masterself on right sleeve
Adept on back
Drawstring hood
Elastic drawstring on waist