KingNYC All Is Mind Alchemist Club L/S T-Shirt (SOLD OUT)

Image of KingNYC All Is Mind Alchemist Club L/S T-Shirt (SOLD OUT)

‘All is Mind.’ Meaning, the Universe itself, at an underlying and foundational level, is Mental. That all phenomena of life, matter and energy of the material universe are thoughts of an infinite and universal, living Mind. Which means all things share a connection in the fact they exist within the Mind of ‘THE ALL’, as it is put, and therefore are all subject to the laws of created things. This Mental Universe, for the sake of experiment, could be explained as an infinite intelligence, intelligent field, and even the nature of consciousness itself. Creating a dialogue of thought, which dances with thought.
The Principle of Mentalism, explains the nature of ‘energy,’ ‘power,’ and ‘matter’ as being subordinate to the Mind, as it shows up within ourselves and the pervading nature of all things.
When you view everything you think, and therefore do, as an interaction of thought with thought, you develop an understanding of the first principle of Mentalism, which allows you to grasp the the laws of the Mental Universe, being the 7 Hermetic Principles, and apply them to your well-being and personal advancement.

Long Sleeve T-Shirt with Alchemist Club Logo on right sleeve mental chemistry on left. Inscription
On ribs.
6.oz 100% cotton
Available in Green,Grey