KingNYC Dissolution Hoodie

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In alchemical transformation there are seven steps. The second step of spiritual alchemy involves dissolving ashes of the dead ego in water.

Water could be interpreted as a symbol for the unconscious, which contains the hidden parts of ourselves of which we are afraid and up until now have not been explored.

Dissolution can be understood as the stage in which we free ourselves from our inauthentic and acquired sense of identity.

In many cultural myths, frogs are viewed as the purveyors of poison or of powerful drugs, which can heal or induce hallucinations. The frog is a supernatural being which inhabits both the human and spirit world. He adapts easily to his environment and communicates between the two realms.

In the natural world, the frog can easily switch between water and land. It is associated with spring, renewal, and changing seasons. When spring comes, and frogs start to croak loudly, it is the signal for tribes to prepare for the next season.

Frogs are seen as cleansers of bad spirits, and Shamans use frogs as Spirit Helpers. Many believe their songs are magical and hold divine power.

Frogs also represent wealth, abundance, ancient wisdom, rebirth, and good luck.

100% cotton
Print/Twill on chest