KingNYC Tesseract Hat

Image of KingNYC Tesseract Hat

The tesseract is a four dimensional hypercube consisting of eight cubic cells that can be unfolded to form a cross.

The term Tesseract was first used by British mathematician Charles Howard Hinton in 1888, who presented his ideas to the Washington Philosophical Society in 1902 before publishing his book The Fourth Dimension two years later.

In his book, Hinton presented diagrams of cubic cells, instructing how they could be mentally assembled into a Tesseract, explaining that ‘the higher world is four-dimensional’ and ‘within space are given the conceptions of point and line, line and plane, which really involve the relation of space to a higher space’. Thus the four dimensional Tesseract is inaccessible to the mind, just like the concept of God is incomprehensible to humans, the unfolding of the Tesseract into a cross allows us to comprehend a three dimensional image of it, akin to comprehending Christ as a human form of God.

The Tesseract is mind boggling, and has inspired many different cultures. In spiritual circles the Tesseract is used for meditation. By meditating it became possible to catch a glimpse of alternative realities or other dimensions. And some were even able to interact with souls or spirits. It is seen as a portal through SpaceTime, which connects certain individuals across the Universe and in different timelines through the frequency of vibration.

Embroidered Tesseract Cross
Classic snapback cap with premium wool blend fabric
Classic green undervisor