KingNYC TV Head T-Shirt

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The TV ‘tells lies to your vision’ via programs which literally program the mind.
To understand how this weapon manipulates us we must first understand how the mind actually works.

A human being has certain brainwaves it operates at, these are certain states of being which can be either more open and suggestible to information or not. The four main brainwaves are beta, alpha, theta, and delta, and as adults we mainly operate in a beta state which is about alertness, concentration, and cognitive thought process. A more relaxed state would be alpha which makes it more suggestible to new information. Theta is a very highly suggestible state and children will spend the first 8 years of their lives operating at this level, making them like a sponge to new information. It is why it is so imperative that we are feeding their minds with good, empowering, information. The last brain wave state is delta which would be a completely detached state of being, like when you’re asleep.

The other thing to understand is that we basically have two minds, the conscious and the subconscious. Now if we look at the conscious mind as like the ‘firewall’ to the subconscious mind it will listen and see information and then decide whether or not it wants to let the information through to the subconscious which cannot think for itself, it just acts upon what the conscious mind lets through to it. What gets past the firewall conscious mind then in turn becomes belief systems, views, and opinions of the World around us. We are literally like computers and can be programmed as such!

The frequency waves that HD flatscreen in your living room omits changes your brainwave patterns from a normal functioning beta state to a highly suggestible alpha pattern, which in turn actually puts you into a trance! This is the reason why when you see people watching TV they almost look trance-like, mouth slightly a gasp, eyes fixated etc That is because that is what they are literally in, in real terms it puts you into a hypnotic state.

What does a hypnotist do when you are in that state? Well he/she would make suggestions to you to pass through to your now lowered conscious mind (firewall) in an attempt to affect your belief systems, habits, and views. Now with the TV this is when we are hit with an incredible amount of advertising, propaganda, and subliminal messages. That all goes straight through to the subconscious mind, making us believe anything they want us to. LIke water is red.

Print on front
Woven label on waist
4.5 oz 100% Cotton