KingNYC Squaring The Circle T-Shirt (SOLD OUT)

Image of KingNYC Squaring The Circle T-Shirt (SOLD OUT)

The small circle is the microcosm and the larger outer circle represents the macrocosm. Circles are considered feminine in nature because they act to contain matter, much in the same way a womb acts to hold within itself the embryo. The square represents the masculine aspect and signifies earth with each of the four elements. Finally, the triangle symbolizes fire and acts to connect and integrate the above with the below. In the same way it signifies body, soul and spirit. Male and female energies are fused into a complementary wholeness that forms the basis for effective functioning in reality (the square). Extending outward from this inner psychic structure, human consciousness is brought into a divine relationship with the cosmos (the large, outer circle).

Thus, there is inner and outer harmony with oneself, with the opposite sex and with the universe.

Sprtn printed on the left sleeve Solar Plexus Chakra printed on bottom left.

4.3 oz. 100% combed cotton.

Available in White and Black